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City as a home
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So how do we define our 'homes'?
Moment is a trans-local magazine for those who explore the new roles of our cities while working in the intersections of various disciplines and neighbourhoods. In our third issue, we feature the theme: "City as a home." Having spent a majority of the year in our houses within our immediate neighbourhoods, we reflect on the shrinking confines of our cities. We turn to Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Ogawamachi in Saitama Prefecture, to spur imagination and inspiration on how we can reclaim our neighbourhoods and redefine our cities as homes.
MOMENT 3:City as a home
MOMENT 3: City as a home
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Publication date: August 10, 2021
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Feature 1
A stroll around Hong Kong with Michael Leung
Michael Leung
Originally from London and now based in Hong Kong, Michael Leung is an artist and designer who drives multiple initiatives related to urban agriculture. His bee-keeping and composting on his roof along with the weekend visits to farming villages mark a stark but much needed contrast to the bustling metropolitan landscape flooded with skyscrapers.

In his interview, we get a glimpse of Michael's everyday life in Hong Kong and reflect on the micropolitics of the city. What odysseys do we find in Hong Kong under its current turbulence?

Hong Kong
Feature 2
The New Era of 'Home' — with Renny Ramakers
Droog Design
Starting with the conceptual design movement in the 90s, Droog, the renowned Dutch Design Collective has continued to launch innovative products. In recent years, they've expanded their scope, now spearheading urban-related projects like Open House and Design and Desires.

What is co-founder Renny's take on all the drastic changes we witness in our cities? Based both in Amsterdam and Barcelona, we speak with her on the evolving perceptions and definitions of homes.

Amsterdam / Barcelona
Feature 3
Ogawamachi, Saitama
Sonotsumori / PEOPLE / Yokota Farm / Mugi Zakkoku Koubou Microbrewery
A bakery with home-grown yeast, a coffee-shop meets bookstore that serves lunch made with ingredients from within a 5km radius, an organic farm that grows and collects their own seeds for harvest, and a 100% self-sufficient brewery.

We visit spaces where citizens come and go to nourish their minds and bodies —  this time, in Ogawamachi, Saitama, a city known for its flourishing organic farming practices. We witness how trans-local players stay rooted in their local contexts while driving future possibilities of trans-locality.  

Comic : Future Villages
Tetsu Kayama
A new comic strip column by up-and-coming manga artist Tetsu Kayama. Kayama’s works, including his newest release “Berlin Uwanosora Untergrund,” reinterprets and reimagines ordinary events in everyday life.

We feature two of his latest works, "UVB-76" and "Superior Device" that illustrate the future possibilities of our civilisation if we were to survive multiple apocalypses.
Kanai Kougei in Amami Oshima
[ Photograph by Masako Nakagawa ]

Page 14
Odysseys, Rolled to Be Unrolled Again
[ Text by Michael Leung ]

Page 21
A Stroll around Hong Kong with Michael Leung

Page 37
Middle Man Hong Kong

Page 41
OK Dementia - It's OK to be Lost
[Text by Yanki Lee & Ire Tsui, Enable Foundation]

Page 59
On Cultivating Our Environment
A New Era of 'Home' with Renny Ramakers

Page 68
Bijlmermeer, Netherlands: The Other Side of Modern Urban Planning
[Text by Mitsuhiro Sakakibara]

Page 77
Tokyo Heterotopia: A City with Pockets of Unfamiliarity
Page 91
FOOD FOR TRANS-LOCAL : Ogawamachi, Saitama
Sonotsumori / PEOPLE / Yokota Farms / Mugi Zakkoku Koubou Microbrewery

Page 57, 123
New Commerce News
3rd World Farmer/ Furontia

Page 136
Body, the Ambiguous, and Myself 2
Maho Isono’s Anthropological talk with Kyohei Sakaguchi

Page 86, 131
Future Village

Page 125
Ghost Restaurant In the House
[ Text by Tomo Kihara ]

Page 146

Page 150
On the Practice of of being Involved in our Cities: Another Slightly Long Afterword
[ Guest: Takuma Tsuji ]
Wang Chau in Hong Kong's Yuen Long District district where villagers were relocated due to the city's redevelopment plan
Photograph by Mandy Chan

The Jackfruit Festival in Wang Chau
Photograph by Michael Leung
A poster found in Wang Chau: "Don't use your power to deceive people"
Photograph by Mandy Chan

Pang Jai Fabric Markets: A labryinth of fabric stalls under a make-shift roof made of tin and plastic sheets
Photograph by Mandy Chan

Michael Leung's studio
Photograph by Mandy Chan
ニュース / イベント情報
2020 6/1  —  moment第二号を販売開始しました。
2019 7/1  —  関西圏でのお取り扱いが増えました。
2019 6/5  —  お取り扱い書店が全国で増えました。
2019 5/31 — ECでの販売を開始しました。
2019 5/31 — MOMENTのTwitter / Facebookを開始しました。
2019 5/31 — MOMENTウェブサイトを公開しました。
MOMENT radioでは本号の取材のために巡ったデトロイト・台湾・鳥取について様々なゲストを招き、話していきます。
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Why we started moment.
The boundaries of our house, our home
Another day spent enclosed in my house in the vicinity of my neighbourhood. Confined by the walls of my one-bedroom apartment, I sense the city’s expansive radius slowly shrink, much like a shrivelling balloon.  

At that moment, I pick up architect Hideyuki Nakayama’s 1/1000000000. Nakayama reflects on a particular request made by a couple he was designing a small country cottage for. They asked for a fence that would keep the wildlife out and protect the produce in their garden. But instead of constructing a fence in the exteriors of the house, he built the garden in the interiors of the cottage.

“In the morning, the husband goes out into the garden to collect eggs. While some wild creature gazes on wistfully from beyond one of the windows, he passes the eggs to his wife through another window, then picks up some fallen fruit. Through the windows, surrounding the oval garden, both the lady of the house and the creature in the woods appear lined up in the same row. To someone in the garden, where is the interior, and where is the exterior? As you stand in the garden, for that brief, fleeting moment your own life and the world “beyond” are on equal footing” (Nakayama 2018, 36-39).

In this issue, we feature the theme: “City as a home.” We explore Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Ogawamachi in Saitama Prefecture to redefine the boundaries of our cities in relation to what we perceive as ‘home.’ What happens when we make room for a circle of ‘home’ within the radius of our houses? Perhaps we get a glimpse of the world ‘beyond’… Let's take a step into the world of small and simultaneously big homes.
Issued by:Re:public Inc.
Editor-in-Chief: Ryo Shirai
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Editorial Team: Yumiko Kataoka, Erika Meneses Inoue, Ryota Kamio, Fumiko Ichikawa, Hiroshi Tamura, Tomo Kihara, Sophie Knight
Special Thanks: Pop-Up City
Illustration : Manshen Lo
Feature Content 1 - PHOTOGRAPHS : Mandy Chan & Michael Leung
Feature Content 2 - PHOTOGRAPHS : Aridan Mećava
Feature Content 3 - PHOTOGRAPHS : Kazumasa Harada
Special - Comic : Tetsu Kayama
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